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About Dealership Tools

About Dealership Tools

Dealership Tools was previously known as Inventory-Tools with the parent company being Marine-Tools. With our updated product, we decided to update our company branding as well, Inventory-Tools has now been rebranded to Dealership Tools. We are still very much the company that is fully dedicated to helping the Marine Industry grow. That means specialized focus on helping your dealership blossom!


Our top goal is to help your dealership succeed. We want nothing more than to see your company sail above and beyond. Our Dealership Management Platform will enable you to do just that!

The Dealership Tools team is dedicated to making your business grow and thrive. We will work alongside you and help you as much or little as you’d like. Our Dealership Marketing Platform makes it easy enough for you to manage your new site on your own or we offer fully managed services and marketing packages.


Self-Managed Package

Our self-managed package is the best offer for small/ family-owned dealerships that are looking for a way to quickly manage their inventory and their website.

Purchase this subscription to get a freshly designed site and access to a platform that can control your in-house inventory as well as your website content, all in one place. Interested? Get more info about this package.

Fully Managed Package

If you opt-in for our managed services package, our team of specialists will manage your new boat and motor inventory, hi-quality images & videos, specials, and testimonials. We will make sure your site stays properly maintained and up-to-date with all the specials, testimonials and any other updates your company deems necessary.

Your team will only need to manage your “users”, process your leads and add your pre-owned inventory. You can read more about this package here.

Marketing Package

If you really want to get the most out of the Dealership Management Platform, try our marketing package. Not only do you receive all the managed service package benefits, we will also manage your website and internet marketing.

Some additional services may include Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Newsletters, Press Releases, and Custom Content Creation. Get more details about our Marketing Services.


Dealership Tools specializes in the marine industry. We know what your potential customers are searching for and how to make your website display at the top of their searches. With our knowledge base and your willingness to let us help, we can take your business to the next level.

You will get to keep the new site you just created, access to our platform and if you choose, our managed and marketing services. With our updates and our now automated sites with options for managed services and customizations, we offer something no one else does.

Our Dealership Management Platform enables you to manage your site and your dealership, all in one location. We wish you luck in all you do. If you do wish to purchase a subscription, you can see our pricing options on our site at

Contact us if you wish to set up a meeting or discussion.

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