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Dealership Tools Offers You Our Self Managed Package

Dealership Tools Offers You Our Self Managed Package

Welcome to Dealership Tools’ Dealership Marketing Platform and Automated site. This free trial you are using is a playground for you to play around between your platform access and your new site. See what adding different information like new boats, motors, specials and testimonials does to your site. You will see the updates from your platform account to your site in mere minutes.

If you like the look of the site and how easy our tool is for you to use and update, we offer 3 different pricing options: Self-Managed, Fully Managed and Marketing Packages. We also offer customization opportunities at an a-la-cart rate. You can contact us separately for customization’s after a package is selected.

What Does Self Managed Mean?

Self-Managed means you have access to all the cool tools in our dealership marketing platform AND your brand-new site, but you must manage it. Whether you use your internal team or outsource it, you are in charge of maintaining the content on your site and your entire inventory.

The good thing about our platform and direct site connection is, it is easier than ever to manage internally. Adding new boats, specials, testimonials, motors, videos and images has never been quicker or easier. Taking just a few minutes for each entry, your site can be filled and maintained in no time!

What is Included in the Self Managed Package?

Access to our tool is the same for every package; the only difference for the self-managed package is that you or your desired company is responsible for populating the content on your site. If you would like us to manage your content (all inclusive, except “Preowned” boats*1), we offer a Fully Managed package and if you want us to manage your marketing as well, we offer a Marketing package.

Tools included with your access to your Self-Managed Subscription:
New Website Design & Set-up
Your brand-new site URL was provided to you in your welcome email, which is the current URL you are using right now. Upon subscription, we will remove the “” from the end of the URL which will signify the transition to your public company site.
We will also redirect the pages from your current site to the new pages so you don’t lose your spot in the Google search list. These friendly redirects will allow your customers to still find your site, even if they type in the old website address in their search bar.
Account, User & Staff Profile Controls
We have recently added Staff Profile management. With this new feature, you can now add your employees into the system along with their images, job titles and contact info. A friendly description will also display on the “About Us” page.
You will also be able to add multiple users. Keep in mind, these are separate from the staff profiles. “Users” are in accordance to the employees that have access to your dealership management platform. Adding these users will allow them to access specific parts of the tool. They can be as restricted or open as you’d like. We allow you to give the access privileges to all of your users.
We recommend that you add your sales people as users and give them access to the leads tools. This will allow your sales manager to assign specific leads to specific sales people. It will also allow the sales people to go in and add a lead directly to the system and assign it to themselves in order to follow through with the processing of the lead.
Account Management also allows you to add your logo, your about info, the primary contact of the company and your locations.
New & Used Boat and Motor Inventory Control
Our Inventory Management Tool is top notch. You can add just about every aspect of your boats and motors that you can think of, including the specs, the optional packages for brochure boats & motors, images, videos, documents and tags (tags help display your boats in a certain location or simply allow you to be able to filter them easier in your platform portal).
Leads Processing & Management
We recently rolled out our Bulk Action facelift. You can now assign leads to a specific sales person, mark it as spam or resolved and/or delete them.
You can respond to the lead through our system and add notes to each lead.
Unlimited Image, Video & Document Uploads
You can add an unlimited number of images, videos and/or documents to each boat and motor.
Sales Specials Management
Whether company specific or manufacturer related, you can add all the specials you want with our tool. Once the end date comes around, our tool will automatically remove the special from your site so you can add it and forget about it.
Boat Directory Synchronization
Currently we only allow synchronization to Boat Trader. If you have a current account with BT, we will be able to hook up your account so you can then export your boats directly to Boat Trader at the time of creation. No more double work!
Tech Support
Even if you have selected the Self-Managed package, we will be available to help you out. If you have some questions about why something isn’t displaying, how to do perform an action, or if you are seeing an issue with either your platform account or site, we will be here to help you.

Why Should I Susbscribe to Dealership Tools?

Subscribing to Dealership Tools’ Dealership Marketing Platform means access to a top-notch platform outfitted with multiple management tools to help your dealership succeed and become streamlined! We allow you to manage your boat & motor inventory, specials, website content and most importantly, your leads.*2

Not only do you get access to an industry specific platform built specifically to help boat and motor dealerships to succeed, you also get a new expertly crafted website with all kinds of platform integrated aspects. The connection between Your Marketing Platform and your new site is so strong, it only takes approximately 3 minutes to transfer your new additions and updates in the platform right to your company website.

What will this Subscription Cost My Company?

This self-managed subscription is our least expensive package option. At only $269 a month, you can have all this power at your fingertips. This is the best package for single location or small family owned dealerships. You get a new site, a direct link between your site and platform account and tech support.

If you have a few customizations you would like to add to your site, we offer a-la-cart customization upgrades, or we can work out customization packages. Please call or email us separately for a detailed quote.

Purchase Our Self Managed Package

What elements will be removed post purchase?

Upon subscription purchase, the un-editable Dealership Tools marketing aspects of your site will promptly be removed. The Dealership Tools “How To” guides and subscription information articles will be removed, and the footer content will be updated to your company information.

Additionally, any other editable default data that the Dealership Tools team notices you haven’t updated quite yet will be made apparent. With the purchase of the ‘Fully Managed’ or ‘Marketing” package, the team will update this data for you. However, if you do select the ‘Self Managed’ package, Dealership Tools will provide you a list of the items the team believes you should update.

If you need additional help, Dealership Tools will be available to aid your staff with “How To’s” on updating your site and to get you moving in the right direction.

*1 If your company opts for our Fully Managed or Marketing packages, we cannot take on the management of your preowned boats because we do not work on site. It would be easier for us to train 1-3 of your employees on how to enter boats so you can enter the information right then and there.

*2 We do not currently have the functionality to process purchase payments. You will be able to manage your lead in our system up until the time of sale. Once you reach a sale point, you will need to process the payment through your company’s purchasing technology.