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What Custom Content Does Dealership Tools Offer?

What Custom Content Does Dealership Tools Offer?

Dealership websites do more than show off the dealers’ cool boats and motors, they offer a place for the potential customers to interact with the dealership before taking the drive into the shop or marina. Some companies do not think this is important, that if the customer wanted a boat bad enough, they would come to them. That’s not how things work in Today’s world. Now-a-days it takes communication, trust and effort to make your customers feel comfortable with buying such an expensive item.

Building a rapport with your clients will ensure that they feel good buying a boat or motor from you, recommending you to their friends & family, coming back to you (specifically) for service & repair and buying parts and accessories (if you offer them).

Why do I need custom content?

Custom content creation is the backbone of a website. While your boat and/or motor inventory is what your users originally come to your site to view; interactive, helpful, informational and encouraging content can make your users stay on your site. Running a successful dealership is not only about having cool boats. Conversing, whether in person or via written words, with your possible customers makes them feel safe wanted and appreciated.

Making your customers feel wanted is a whole other side of the business, some may not think of or even agree with. If you are amongst the group of companies that don’t necessarily have the most informative site, DT’s can help generate and create the most helpful content and then display it prominently on your site.

If you are part of the industry that disagrees with displaying content on a website or maybe even having a site at all, give the DT’s Team a chance to show you how much of a difference some simple content can do for your clientele. Finally, if you are part of the business owner population that is just too small or too busy to keep up with a website and add custom up-to-date content, that can be done for you as well.

What content does DT's create?

Based on the package you choose, DT’s generates various forms of content. Most companies don’t have the time or a large enough team to do it themselves, and that’s why this service exists; to be your one-stop-shop. The DT’s team continually researches the marine industry and generates content that pertains to marine life, the marine economy, dealerships, manufacturers, boat shows, seafood recipes, or any other information you see fit.

Website Content

Website content is a general term. DT’s creates content for various types of recommended pages, such as a services page, founders page, staff/locations page, upcoming events page, blog page, community/ sponsorships page and if your dealership offers financing, a financial services page as well.

Articles & Recipes

Articles are a special type of content that offers a separate power to your website. If an internet user is interested in a specific piece of information or seafood recipe and you have a version displayed on your site, if written properly, upon a Google search your article or recipe may pop up and you can potentially gain a new customer.

Adding articles and recipes to your site will give you a leg up, meaning it will give another avenue for your potential customers to find you. Additionally, adding these to your site may keep your current customer/ user base on your site longer and provide another item for your users to talk to their friends and families about.


Generating monthly newsletters to a group of interested customers/ potential customers/ users will keep them in contact with the company and continually remind them that you are there to help or offer them a sale or special on something they may be interested in.

Dealership Tools can create customized newsletters that can be sent out as frequently as you may like. The newsletters typically include new boat models, models for sale, articles, recipes, upcoming events and anything else that will draw attention to your dealership. Reports are then generated after the month’s end so you can see how well the newsletter did. Reports can be adjusted based on your companies needs.

Press Releases

Press releases are essentially short “news worthy” alerts about your site, special or event. Our team will generate the content for you, as well as distribute the press releases out to only the best of press release directories. These directories will determine where they display and how.

Press releases are an optional marketing feature. If you are unsure, start with testing the waters and reviewing the reports. If press releases don’t seem to be helping out your business as anticipated, the budget for these can be moved to accommodate PPC campaigns or additional content.

PPC Advertisements

PPC ad’s and campaigns are among one of the most beneficial ways to get your site advertised across the internet. DT’s has a team that specializes in using the proper keywords and search phrases to be sure that your ad’s display on the proper search pages and in front of the audience most likely to convert into a customer.

Upon selection of the marketing package DT’s Client Manager will set up a meeting to gather your company’s desires, expectations and budget.

Social Media Content

Generating the proper social posts, tailored to the appropriate social platform, to gather the proper audience and to attract the users that will follow through on a purchase via social media takes some finesse.

Dealership Tools will generate recurring posts on a set schedule for all your social platforms, as well as the media needed for the posts. The graphics team that is rather gifted with creating beautiful images to go along with social posts.

Image & Video Assets

The gifted graphics department supplies beautifully crafted and high-quality images for your site, within your content, featured images, boats and motors. Manufacturer-created YouTube videos will also be supplied to go along with the brochure boats and motors.

Images are an important aspect of your site. Displaying eye-catching images as a focal point will draw potential customers to your site and will keep their attention while they take a look through the HD images of your boats.

What are the benefits of using DT's content?

Content is arguably the most important aspect of your site and marketing efforts. Let Dealership Tools help!

There are many benefits to outsourcing your content creation to Dealership Tools:

1. Frees your team up to sell more boats
2. Necessary content creation for your site and marketing (if packages apply)
3. The content we provided will drive the right customers to your site
4. If you have multiple companies for “Inventory management”, “Content Creation”, “Website Management” and “Marketing”, you can merge the budgets and provide them to a single qualified company that offers all of that and more.

What content do we recieve with each package?

Self-Managed Package

If you choose the self-managed package, you will need to create all of your own content and graphics. Your team will have to generate your basic website content, testimonials, about us info, specials, and all boat & motor specifications. On top of content creation, you will also have to gather all the images your website may need to draw in your customers and keep them interested in your boats and motors.

If your team doesn’t handle your marketing content and graphics already, you will need to outsource to another marketing company. If you select a higher tier package DT’s can take care of all of this for you. You will receive the above mentioned additional content such as the social posts, newsletters, article & recipes and detailed website content with proper marketing keywords.

Fully Managed Package

The fully managed package comes with fantastic content management from the content and research team. Dealership Tools will add customer targeted website content and any custom images that may go along with that. ‘Brochure Boats & Motors’ will be generated for all models still in production from your ‘New’ manufacturers and will include specs, optional packages, images, videos and documents. Your team will only have to manage and add your preowned inventory.

Additionally, your customer testimonials and specials will be updated at regular intervals.

Marketing Package

Dealership Tools is striving to be a one-stop-shop, and that one-stop-shop also includes marketing services. If you select this package, you will receive the benefits from the fully managed package as well as the additional custom marketing content. The additional marketing content can consist of these following choices: Articles, Recipes, Newsletters, Press Releases, Ad’s & Campaigns, Social Posts, and Marketing Media.

The additional marketing content will be generated and updated on an agreed upon schedule and will also be accompanied with a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly marketing report.

Dealership Tools: Qualified and Ready

The Dealership Tools team is excited to help you grow your company, with the knowledge and experience to generate constant and custom content that will set you apart from the other dealerships. Having friendly, easily readable and interactive content opens up a line of trust and authority between you and your customers.

In the company’s years of experience, it has been realized that most dealerships don’t have the time or a big enough team to be able to generate the right kind of content or keep their website up-to-date. Rotating the media, adding constant inventory and testimonials, writing individualized articles and displaying valid and current specials is just the beginning! Contact DT’s today!

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