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Dealership Tools Marketing Package Details

Dealership Tools Marketing Package Details

Marketing your dealership is probably one of the hardest things to get going and to maintain. We don’t know if you already use a separate marketing company, but if you are looking to consolidate companies and budgets, Dealership Tools offers a marketing package.

The marketing package will include all of the benefits from the Fully Managed Package, as well as a customized marketing package. Upon selecting this subscription choice, Dealership Tools will set up a meeting with you. The initial conversation will cover what you are expecting/ what marketing services you would like. Dealership Tools will offer opinions, suggestions and expertise to formulate a top notch marketing strategy that will allow your company to sail above and beyond.

Why should we use Dealership Tools for our marketing?

Dealership Tools has been in the software development and digital marketing industries for some time now, during which thime the company has specialized in the marine space. The team has the knowledge, research base and proper information to target only the most likely of users to purchase a boat.

Dealership Tools will provide the SEO plan, the PPC Campaigns, Custom Website Content, as well as additional avenues for marketing. If you have already chosen the Fully Managed Package, we encourage you to also add this marketing package; You will get the most out of the platform and Dealership Tools’ resources.

What will be included in the marketing package?

With the marketing package, you will receive the entire benefit package from the Fully Managed Subscription as well as agreed upon marketing additions. Your team can choose as many or as little marketing additions as you would like. Dealership Tools will design a custom Marketing Package that will include the Fully Managed Data and any additional marketing focuses you feel your company could benefit from.

Dealership Tools offers various marketing avenues:
PPC Campaigns (AKA Google Ads)
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Custom Marketing Directed Website Content
Press Releases
Media Assets

Why should I susbscribe to Dealership Tools?

Subscribing to Dealership Tools is more than purchasing some sort of mass software system; with Dealership Tools, you get access to industry specific software that is well cared for, continually updated, with a team of experts that take extra time to care for each and every client. You will be given a designated Client Manager who will communicate with your company as well as keep Dealership Tools’ internal team up to date on what is needed to keep your company moving on an upwards trend.

Not only do you get access to an excellent team, you also get access to a top-notch platform and a brand-new site. Your platform is directly linked to your website, allowing you to update website content in just minutes. To get the most out of the product, it is highly recommended you go with this marketing package.

What will this subscription cost my company?

This marketing package is the most valuable package we offer. This subscription is a customized package, so prices do vary. The price varies based on what additional marketing efforts are chosen.

The contract you sign will be so much more than a monthly payment. You will have a specialized team taking care of your website, marketing and content. Dealership Tools goal is to simply help you succeed and to grow your business. The team will be there alongside you, marketing your site, keeping you website up-to-date and answering any questions you may have.

Purchase Our Marketing Package

What elements will be removed post purchase?

Upon subscription purchase, the un-editable Dealership Tools marketing aspects of your site will promptly be removed. The Dealership Tools “How To” guides and subscription information articles will be removed, and the footer content will be updated to your company information.

Additionally, any other editable default data that the Dealership Tools team notices you haven’t updated quite yet will be made apparent. With the purchase of the ‘Fully Managed’ or ‘Marketing” package, the team will update this data for you. However, if you do select the ‘Self Managed’ package, Dealership Tools will provide you a list of the items the team believes you should update.

If you need additional help, Dealership Tools will be available to aid your staff with “How To’s” on updating your site and get you moving in the right direction.