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How To: Add Testimonials To Your Platform Account

How To: Add Testimonials to your Platform Account

Access to your NEW dealership management platform allows you to add your own testimonials to your site. Upon receiving a fantastic testimonial, you can simply login to your account and use the Testimonials tool to populate it onto your site within minutes! it will display on your brand new site! No webmaster needed!*

Why do we need testimonials on our site?

It’s assumed that all business owners know that the “Customer is Always Right”, correct? Well to further this statement, you want your customers to see positive interaction with your previous buyers. Displaying positive testimonials on your site generates trust between your company, your previous customers and your would-be new customers.

For a user on your site to see other buyers leaving happy and thoughtful testimonials, they are more likely to purchase a high ticketed item, such as a boat, from your dealership. Visually displaying how happy your customers are insinuates comfortablity and makes you an authority within the industry.

How To: Add a Testimonial

Adding a testimonial is A LOT easier than it sounds, even for the technically challenged. The dealership management platform makes it easier than ever to add a customer’s kind words directly to your site in minutes!

Dealership Tools Testimonials

1. Login to your Dealership.Tools/CMS account, if you aren’t already.
2. Select the “Testimonials” Tool on the left-hand side.
3. Select the blue “Add Testimonial” button in the top right corner of the “Testimonials” View Page.
4. Fill out the “Add Testimonial” Form:

a. Flip the “Activate Testimonial” Switch to “ON”
b. Add the “Name” of the Customer
c. Enter the “Date” that the testimonial was given
d. Type the wonderful comments that your customer said, emailed, or sent to you
e. Select the blue “Save Testimonial” button on the bottom right corner, when done.
f. If you decide you do not wish to “Save” the testimonial you just entered or accidentally clicked the “Add” button, you can exit the form by simply clicking the black “Testimonials” button in the top right of the page.

Where will testimonials display on our site?

Your new site comes with a testimonials component on a couple of pages so your customers can catch a glimpse of them in different spots. Having these strategically placed on multiple pages will provide a greater chance that your users will see the positive things your previous customers have said about you.

Immediately they will be displayed toward the bottom of the home page, below your featured boats and popular boats. They will also be visible on your “Contact” page. Having testimonials on your “Contact” page will provide positive influences and instill trust and confidence with your users.

How to edit/ delete testimonials

You may be wondering: Can I update, edit or delete the testimonials that are currently displaying on my site? The answer is yes; it’s pretty simple too! Follow these simple steps and you will have an edited testimonial in no time!

1. Navigate to the Testimonials View Page
2. Select the row of the testimonial you wish to edit or delete
3. Update the desired info on the “Edit” page that appears

a. Press the blue “Save” button on the bottom right of the page when done

4. If you wish to delete the testimonial, skip step 3. and 3.a. and click the gray “Delete” button on the bottom left.

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