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How To: Create A Pocket Inventory Report

How To: Create a Pocket Inventory Report

The Dealership Tools Dealership Management Platform has a neat little tool called Pocket Inventory. Pocket Inventory generates a simplified report of your full list of ‘Active’ New and Preowned Boats. This simplified report will allow you to print out a full inventory to use for whatever needs you may have for it, so small you can fold it and put it in your pocket!

What is a Pocket Inventory Report?

A Pocket Inventory Report is a downloadable and priintable report of all of your currently ‘Active’ New and Preowned Boats. The Pocket Inventory tool generates a simplified report that provides only the most important aspects of your inventory:

  • Year
  • Stock #
  • Make
  • Serial #
  • Model
  • Color
  • Engine
  • Location
  • Sale Price
  • MSRP
  • Cost

This tool really comes in handy for those who like to have a physical copy of their dealership’s inventory on hand. Sales people can also use this report; it will allow the sales person to find important information for any given boat in just a few seconds. No need to pull up the information on a computer; simply print this report out every morniing and use it to answer all of your customers’ questions for the day while you are out on the lot.

How To: Generate a Pocket Inventory Report

Generating a Pocket Inventory Report is probably the easiest thing you can do within the Management Platform! See for yourself.

1. Login to your Dealership.Tools/CMS account, if you haven’t already.
2. Select the ‘Reports’ Tool on the left-hand side.
3. Select the black ‘Pocket Inventory’ button in the top right corner of the ‘Reports’ Landing Page.
4. A new tab will open with your inventory report. You will have various options on what to do next:

1. Download the report to your computer
2. Print the report directly
3. Continue viewing the report in the current browser tab

a. Zoom in and out by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons at the bottom right

Once you are done downloading, printing or viewing the report, you can then simply close the tab and return to the platform.

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* Inactive or already sold boats will NOT be included in this report. Your current ‘Active’ inventory will be the only inventory displaying.