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How To: Manage Leads In Your DT’s Account

How To: Manage Leads in your DT’s Account

The leads management section of the Dealership Tools Marketing Platform not only collects the leads generated from your site, but you and your sales team can also add leads and newsletter subscriptions directly to your Dealership Tools account.

How To: Add a Lead

Dealership Tools Add Lead Page

a. Start with the Name of your lead.
b. Enter their phone number.
c. Add their email address.
d. Add a subject line. Suggested subject line: topic of inquiry.
e. Add any additional comments. You can add anything such us, additional notes, when to check back in with them, what they said to you, what boat they are interested in or what location they are looking into buying from.
f. Enter their address, followed by the zip code
g. Enter the order number (if applicable).
h. Add the product number (if applicable).
i. Enter the referral number (if applicable).
j.Enter the referral email (if applicable).
k. Select ‘Add lead’ to add the lead once you have entered all of the necessary information.
l. Newsletter leads can also be added directly to the platform. Upon processing a lead you can ask them if they would like to join your newsletter (if applicable).
m. Select ‘View Leads’ to cancel the lead addition and to be redirected back to the ‘View Leads’ page.

Additional Lead Processing Actions

With the new release of upgraded bulk actions, you can assign, delete, mark spam or resolve leads in bulk. This will allow the sales manager to keep the leads section up-to-date and organized in a timely manner. Once you delete a lead, this cannot be undone! Use caution while using the bulk delete option. Processing leads from start to end has never been easier.

The updated ‘Assign’ functionality allows you to associate a sales person to any desired lead. Being able to enter your sales people as ‘users’ will allow the sales person to follow through with processing the lead. If ever the assignee needs to be updated, you can re-assign or unassign any given lead as well.

We all know that spam emails and leads are terrible. Since we want to make your dealership run as smooth as possible, we added a special “Mark Spam” action and tab for you to file away your spam leads. This will allow you to keep track of all your spam.

As your sales personnel process leads, they or the sales manager will be able to resolve the leads in bulk. The process has been streamlines with these new upgrades.

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