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How To: Manage Specials In Your DT’s Account

How To: Manage Specials in your DT’s Account

Need to quickly add a manufacturer special to your site? With a subscription to the Dealership Tools Marketing Platform, you can do just that without all the hassle of involving your webmaster. Using your new tool, you can add a special using the tool and in minutes, the special will display on your site. No muss, no fuss.

Why do we need specials on our site?

People love sales, price drops and specials. Displaying any of these on your site will draw customers to your company, increasing conversion rates. Having specials or price drops prominently displayed will make the customers consider buying from you quickly, as not to miss the sale before the end date.

If your company sells “New” boats from select manufacturers, the manufacturers likely offer various dealer specials throughout the year. As soon as one starts it is important to add it to your company website so that the user can spot it and will be more likely to buy without asking too many questions. If you don’t want to deal with adding the specials internally, we offer managed services and marketing packages that will allow us to manage these for you.*

How To: Add a Special

Adding a special is now easier than ever, even for those who don’t use computers very often. The dealership marketing platform makes it simple to add a manufacturer sale directly to your site in minutes!

Dealership Tools Add Specials Page

1. Login to your Dealership.Tools/CMS account, if you haven’t already.
2. Select the “Specials” Tool on the left-hand side.
3. Select the blue “Add Special” button in the top right corner of the “Specials” View Page.
4. Fill out the “Add Special” Form:

a. Keep the “Display” Switch “ON”
b. Add the “Name” of the Special
c. Enter the “Start Date” that the Special started/ starts
d. Enter the “End Date” in which you want the Special to be automatically removed from the site
e. Select a Category from the Drop down that applies

i. Select the blue “+” if no options appear in the drop down. This will allow you to add a “Category” yourself that applies.
ii. To manage your categories or to add them directly to your category list, you can navigate to the “Category” View page by clicking the black “Category” button in the top right.

f. Add a Boat manufacturer (if applicable). This will represent the manufacturer that is offering the special.
g. Add a Motor Manufacturer (if applicable). This will represent the manufacturer that is offering the special.
h. Add a description. This description will be where you can fill your customer in on what is being offered, what models are being price dropped, reiterate when the end date is, why they should rush in to purchase, etc.
i. Add an image. Add special-specific collateral, a boat image, a manufacturer logo, etc. This will be the image that represents the special.
j. Once done, select the blue “Save Special” button on the bottom right corner of the page.
k. If you accidentally press the “Add Special” button or decide not to save this version of the content, simply select the “Specials” button and you will be redirected to the View Sales page and the special will NOT be saved.
l. If you would like to add various categories (which will populate a “Categories” drop down), select the black “Categories” button in the top right corner.

i. You will be redirected to a view page of categories. You will be able to add, edit and delete any “specials” categories that you have added.

Where will specials display on our site?

Specials are an important aspect of your business. Customers LOVE sales and price drops. Having these prominently displayed on your site may make or break a customer’s decision to buy or not buy such a large ticket item such as a boat, yacht or motor. Because of this we have dedicated a whole page to your specials.

Your brand new site will have its own designated page to display your specials. Any specials that display a present date of activity will display on this page. Once the specials date expires our Dealership Management Tool will automatically hide it from your site.

Additionally, manufacturer specific specials will display within the “Boats by Manufacturer” listings pages. These can be accessed using the following process:

1. Select the “New Boats” menu item.
2. Select the manufacturer that has a special hooked to it, on the sidebar.

You will then see the special on the top right side above the sidebar menu. Displaying your specials here will give your customer another place to view the specials, in case they opt not to navigate to the “Specials” page. This will help, especially when the user selects their favorite manufacturer and see that there is a special being offered. Sales can determine the choice for some buyers.

How To: Edit/ Delete Specials

You may be wondering: Can I deactivate, edit or delete the specials that are currently displaying on my site? The answer is yes, and it’s pretty simple too! Follow these simple steps and you will have an updated special in no time!

1. Navigate to the Specials View Page
2. Select the row of the Special you wish to edit or delete
3. Update the desired info on the “Edit” page that appears

a. Select the Blue “Save” button on the bottom right of the page when done

4. If you wish to delete the special, skip step 3. and 3.a. and select the gray “Delete” button on the bottom left.

See Our Package Options

* If you wish, we offer a Managed Services package that will allow you to sit back and relax while we handle pretty much everything except your pre-owned inventory! See our pricing options by visiting